Andreas Gursky
Gagosian, Parrish Art Museum
2010, 2015
Los Angeles, New York

Andreas Gursky Monograph
The scale of the artist’s works dictates this bilingual 2-volume edition with slipcase, ‘Andreas Gursky,’ for Gagosian Gallery. Each volume is an oversize, slim, cloth cover book with several gatefolds. Volume l (beige — representing land) contains the artist’s own selection of earlier works. The selection begins in Germany and traverses the globe. It is a round trip journey, inspired by in-flight navigation screens. The mapping of this journey continues in Volume ll (blue—representing the ocean) with new works. The new works and their satellite perspective connect the world atlas design treatment and the dimensions of the volumes to the design of the slipcase. Read from the slipcase, split type on the spine of both volumes unites—merging land and ocean, earlier and new work—to form one legible plane.

Andreas Gursky: Landscapes
Published on the occasion of “Andreas Gursky: Landscapes” at the Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, New York, 2015